The Board of Representatives consists of 13 members who are the Leaders of the Groups that completed at least 15 activities (and one of each of the five categories) of the Action Plan, in the course of a school year.

The aim of the Board is to examine the outcomes of the Program's operation and propose new ideas based on the experience that the children have gained.
Council of Representatives

If in the same geographical area:

Many Groups completed more than 15 activities, the Leader of the Group with the highest number of activities participates.
Groups completed the same number of activities above 15, participation in the Board will be decided by means of a lottery drawn by HELMEPA.
Junior Board members are invited by HELMEPA to come to Athens escorted by one of their parents and their teacher in November or December, on the Program's expenses.

The Board elects its Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary and is informed by HELMEPA Junior staff on the activities that took place throughout Greece, according to the reports of the Groups that participated in the Program. Every Board member presents her/his Group's experience and discussion follows on ways to improve the Program.

HELMEPA publicizes the Resolutions of the Board by issuing a Press Release. At the end of their meeting, Board members meet with invited press representatives.

The Board is effective until the election of the next Board of Representatives. If they wish, its members may participate in the Program again in a new Group according to their age.