Every Group elects a Leader, who acts as liaison with HELMEPA and has the following duties:

1. Fills out clearly and in detail the Group Application Form and sends it to HELMEPA Junior by 31 January.

2. Handles the correspondence with HELMEPA Junior and keeps Group members informed.

3. Disseminates to Group members their HELMEPA Junior member ID cards and badges and urges them to wear them during the activities.

4. Informs HELMEPA Junior of any withdrawals or change of address of group members. Corresponds with HELMEPA junior and informs the other children.

5. Informs HELMEPA Junior on the group's activities by reports submitted on a quarterly basis.

The aim of each Group is to implement 15 or more of the 30 activities of the Program and at least one of each of the five categories, during 12 months, starting from the beginning of the school season in September.

Localisation of illegal tips