HELMEPA Junior supports Groups participating in the Program by fulfilling the following obligations:
Supply of Groups and volunteer teachers with relevant supporting material, such as member ID cards, badges, posters and informative publications.
Correspondence with the Groups providing guidance, advice and useful information on environmental issues.
Visiting various parts of Greece in order to come in contact with HELMEPA Junior Groups, present the Program to children and teachers and to project at the local level the need for and ways of preventing marine pollution.
Covering reasonable expenses of Group activities in accordance with the Action Plan. Prior to making any high expenses teachers must contact the Program's Coordinator.
Projection of the children's work to the global community and international organizations and cooperation with other sister organizations - MEPAs.
Dissemination of the quarterly newsletter "The Junior Seagulls" to HELMEPA Junior members, teachers, local authorities, the press and State agencies.
The projection of the activities of children-members constitutes the least moral reward for their efforts during their participation. Moreover, providing publicity to the children's activities often triggers the environmental awakening of the wider local community.
Commemorative Diploma of Member
The Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association informs its members, Greek-owned vessels, companies and organizations in Greece and abroad, as well as thousands of seafarers, on the activities of the schoolchildren-members of HELMEPA Junior. Moreover, it transmits the developments and achievements of the Program to the Greek and international maritime community, the International Maritime Organization - IMO, the European Union, the European Parliament, the United Nations Environment Program - UNEP and to other entities with which HELMEPA cooperates.
The Group's activities are also projected by shipping magazines and other publications with which HELMEPA cooperates, as well as on the Internet through the Program's website.

A commemorative participation diploma is awarded by HELMEPA to all the members of Groups and their volunteer teachers as a token of appreciation for the work they accomplished in the Program..
Commemorative Diploma o Teacher