The support given to the children by the Coordinators of Environmental Education and the voluntary participation of teachers guarantee the successful implementation of the Program. HELMEPA sends the Action Plan in the beginning of the each school year to the Coordinators for Environmental Education in all the Prefectures of Greece. They are kindly requested to send the Action Plan to schools under their jurisdiction thus contributing towards raising the environmental awareness of the younger generations.
Placement of plate Μαθητές
Υιοθεσία - Εθελοντικός καθαρισμός ακτής
Teachers willing to assist their pupils in joining HELMEPA Junior are asked to fill in the Application Form or contact HELMEPA Junior for more information at the following address

HELMEPA JUNIOR - Environmental Awareness Sector
Pergamou 5, Nea Smyrni 171 21 Athens
Tel: +30 (210) 9343088, fax:+30 (210) 9407327