In order to form a HELMEPA Junior Group with the voluntary participation of 10 children, it is essential that these children want to contribute to a joint effort for the protection of the marine environment. The voluntary contribution of a teacher to supervise and advise the Group on its activities is a prerequisite for the successful participation of a Group in the Program.

The aim of each Group is to execute 15 or more οf the 30 activities of the Program.

Each Group elects its Leader who acts as the liaison with the administrators of the HELMEPA Junior program.

With the assistance of the volunteer teacher, the Leader completes and returns to HELMEPA Junior the Group Application Form, which can be found in the dedicated section of this website and in the last pages of the Action Plan.
Δραστηριότητα Ομάδας
Group Application Forms are received by HELMEPA Junior from the beginning of the school season until 31 January. If the number of children reaches 6,500 prior to this date, no more Applications will be accepted.

The Leader informs HELMEPA Junior on the Group's activities through reports submitted on a quarterly basis.

These reports should be neatly complied in the form of a booklet, a folder or in a CD and must be sent by email or post. Activities should be briefly described in the beginning of the report and accompanied, if possible, by samples of the work in the same order (i.e. pictures, copies of projects, video recordings, etc.).

Every September, the Groups formed in the previous school season automatically dissolve. Members of dissolved Groups retain their ID cards and badges and if they wish, may participate in a new Group in following school years and according to their age.

Member ID cards are issued only once to every Group member and should therefore be maintained in good condition and should not be lost.

HELMEPA awards participating children and their teachers with a special Commemorative Diploma.