Since the founding of HELMEPA Junior, more than 91,900 schoolchildren and 3,350 volunteer teachers from 1.295 schools throughout Greece have participated in the Program.

To date, besides the region of Attica, the highest participation in the Program is from the Prefecture of Messinia with 7,870 children, followed by the island of Zakynthos with 7,340 children, the Prefecture of Magnesia with 6,530 children the island of Chios with 3,500 children and the Prefecture of Thessaloniki with 3,360 children.
Participation 1993-2016 / age
Participation 1993-2016

Ιn average, every year 75% of children-members take part in HELMEPA Junior for the first time, while the remaining 25% has participated at least once before in the past.

Since 1995, the program also welcomes children from kindergartens around the country, the participating number of which is steadily increasing year by year. The evident enthusiasm of these Groups as well as the positive feedback from their teachers shows that the Program is very popular also amongst very young kids.
Statistics from the past year show that the most popular activities of HELMEPA Junior Groups are the creation of structures from "trash" materials, recycling, the distribution of HELMEPA's environmental awareness material and the clean-up of the school yard.
Popular activities 2015-2016
With regards to recycling, in recent years many HELMEPA Junior Groups have implemented recycling initiatives in their schools in cooperation with local authorities and other entities. The response of young schoolchildren and kindergartens in particular to recycling initiatives is very positive. Following their example, the participation of all of us in recycling programs should become a way of life!