The main aim of the Program is to offer participating children the opportunity to become responsible, environmentally aware and active citizens of tomorrow.

By taking part in the Program, the children learn about their country's natural environment and understand how important it is and why we should protect it. Also, through the Program's activities, the relationship between our personal daily conduct and pollution of the environment becomes evident. The children discover that the solution to important environmental problems, such as garbage on beaches, does not only lie with local authorities and governments, but also depends on the responsible environmental behavior conduct of each and everyone of us.
The Program also aims at the creation of a collective spirit amongst its volunteer members. Within the Group, members learn to cooperate with each other, undertake initiatives and develop organization and coordination skills. Moreover, through the competition that is created between Groups, the children develop their commitment to fair play principles.

Adoption and cleanup of beaches
Message for the Day of Environment - Voluntary cleaning of coast
With the experience gained by their participation in the Program, its members increase their awareness on environmental issues and become the most effective couriers of sound environmental messages within their local community.